Memorial Day. That glorious day that proves summer is here. Or, in my world, the day every desperately needs off before they go crazy in the office and send one too many too-snarky emails. It’s time to bring out your whites, your barbecues, your booze, and your very stylish friends.

And here is my very stylish friend!

Everyone, meet Jedd. He’s on twitter. And he works for Politico and he’s as fashionable as he is funny, and you don’t meet too many of those.

Here he is traveling for the weekend in perfect casual cool:

And, in Jedd’s own words: Rae Rae, we were thinking of you in Youngstown, Pa. You’ve started a movement! With a change of belt and shoe, and added shirt, we went from traveling casual chic to bright and white Memorial Day ready.

I’m loving those whites. And the sexiness underneath. I mean, what? Ahem.

Memorial Day awesomeness, guys. How did you stay summer chic from day to night? And from traveling to partying?

I love clutches. Cute in the evening and unexpectedly fun in the daytime. And see how much can fit in this one? Handmade, inspired by PS I Made This.

Today was some real time day and night.

Check out my office outfit:

and my fun outfit:

Ok, this was basically the same idea as last week. I mostly want you to focus on how awesome that clutch is. Because its awesome.

lessons today:

  • Accessories rule.
  • As always, layer up.
  • A bun during the day = soft waves at night.

Happy happy-houring!

Been a busy week at work. And it’s only Wednesday. Quick! To the bathroom to change in five minutes before you head uptown for a much needed drink.

See what I did here? It’s all about a good base layer. Black skinny work pants from the Gap can take you from the office to the party without having to bat a cat-eye-lined eye.

At the office:

  • Cover up. Wear that cardigan and work it.
  • Lower heels. Still cute, and brought some color, but not quite as sky high as my after-work shoes.
  • Low pony. Mostly out of necessity to get my hair out of my face.

At happy hour:

  • Show some skin (just a little). I have a black tube top on top of my black pants to fake out a jumpsuit. I replaced my cardigan with my kick-of-neon sweater vest for a little fun, but you could just as easily go bare shoulders here, obvs.
  • Party shoes. I replaced my shoes with some that are a little sparkly, a little teal and a lot high.
  • Hair. High pony. High impact.
  • Make up. I did some cat eye liner and reapplied mascara. I also threw on a little Laura Mercier matte serum to take out the shine without caking on more make up.

Voila. Go enjoy the party. You’ve earned it.