Happy Halloween! I dressed up for the occasion—just not in a costume. See where I got the inspiration and how I took this look out of the office tomorrow. In the meantime, hope you are doing something fun to celebrate!

the essentials

When I’m going somewhere right after work, I like to travel light. And you know I like to rock a daytime clutch. There’s only so much you can fit! So when my bag is small but my plans are not, these are my necessities:

As far as make up goes, I take just enough to touch up: mascara, my fave chapstick (Burt’s Bees with pomegranate, it has a lovely pink tint), and Laura Mercier’s mattifying serum. If you have room and want to go glam, I’d throw in some lipstick.

I am also in love with tiny rollerball perfumes. This one (the long red tube) I got when I was working at Victoria’s Secret, but a ton of perfumes come in their own tiny rollerball containers these days. So great for taking with you to freshen up, or for when you hit the gym in the morning before work, or for traveling, or for just cheaply trying all different kinds of perfume. Love.

I also pack a tiny moleskine and pen, for jotting notes, and my headphones, for awesome music, duh. My keys are attached to a zipper pouch, which is the best investment I could have ever made in this city. It holds my keys, gym pass, subway pass, work ID and in a pinch can hold your cash, credit cards and ID too. The other pouch you see is what I use for a wallet when I take a smaller bag and can’t fit a normal-sized one.

In a real pinch, and with a very tiny bag, I’d lose the notebook, consolidate my zipper pouches, and only bring the chapstick. You know, if you must.

Not pictured: my iPhone, which also doubles as my kindle when my bag is too small to fit them both.

Am I missing anything? What are your essentials?

another day, another dress

How I’d style a dress I want part deux.

This Roberto Cavalli dress is stunning all on its own. For work, I like these off-white booties, sort of adds some fun to a glamorous affair. Another gorgeous Roberto Cavalli sweater to throw on if it’s chilly, a necklace to offset your pretty face and a classic Chanel for all your work things.

And if I were taking this dress out on the town?

I’d toughen it up with a leather jacket and clutch. Sparkle with some gold accessories and, trust me, you’ll be turning heads.

What do you think of these combinations? Let me know at, @rclnudson, on Facebook or in the comments!

my new favorite

So, I showed you when I bought this shirt/dress/awesomeness, and it’s turned into my new favorite, most versatile item of clothing.

You could throw on some layers and a pencil skirt to make it ready for the office:

Or some knits and a blazer to get it ready for outside fun on a crisp fall day:

So good, right? I’ve combined many of my favorite things in these two outfits including, but not limited to boots, giant scarves, the color orange, handwarmers, pencil skirts (one of my professional answers for everything), strappy shoes, and purses that look like brief cases.

Tell me about your current fave in your closet at, @rclnudson, on Facebook, or in the comments!


Sometimes, you have no motivation for getting dressed. For me, on these days, when you’re running late, and you can’t find the sweater you wanted to wear or you spilled coffee on the first outfit you put on, I’ve created a formula. Go basic, then add some fun.

For example. Nothing more basic than black and white. With clean lines and classic shapes, you have your work outfit. But with a scarf…or a purse…or a belt…or a blazer.

That’s four different outfits, all with one new piece added to your basic ensemble. Easy, right? And for a more casual look, just add jeans, a-duh.

What do you do when you can’t figure out what to wear? Hit me up at, @rclnudson or on Facebook.

sick days and online shopping

In the words of some character on 30 Rock, I have some weird sinus stuff. Although I’m not planning on taking a sick day, I think it’s time I give in and call the doctor. In the meantime, I’ll just treat tonight like a sick day, pop some NyQuil and online shop but not actually buy anything until I fall asleep.

I have this habit of filling my online shopping bag to the brim, and then just leaving it there in shopping purgatory forever, without actually checking out. I love it. I can be the richest person in the world, and buy anything I want, without actually spending any money or trying anything on. Maybe you’ve noticed I live in a fantasy when it comes to clothes sometimes, mostly with Polyvore. But sometimes browsing is nice—It allows you to explore your style, feel things out, and maybe look at something differently the next time you put your outfit together. So here is my pitch for online window shopping, catalog browsing, and all forms of looking around. Give it a try next time you want to kill some time, or are stuck in bed, or just because it’s Wednesday.

Let me know how it goes at, @rclnudson and on Facebook!