I had a cape date last weekend. It’s ok to be jealous. A friend of mine and myself were inspired by PS I Made This’ super cool, super easy, do it yourself cape. So we made our own!

Here’s how I took it to work.

And play!

I think I can make a lot of looks out of this cape, and all it cost was two yards of fabric and some time. And it was fun!


I’ve gotten a chambray shirt stuck in my head and I can’t get it out. I know it might give off the impression of “I wear too much denim” or “all casual all the time,” but I think that depends entirely on how you wear it. The material offers wonderful opportunity for unexpected combinations that I sincerely believe can be for work and for fun. Here’s some ways I’d wear it, with varying levels of professionalism.

See, it really can be versatile. Sigh. This is definitely on my want list.


Hello! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday (yikes). Mondays can be the worst, let’s be real. Especially the Monday after a long weekend. So, to welcome back to the work week, I’m trying to have some fun. 

This is my favorite part.

I love the geometry of this shirt and how it plays with the shapes on the clutch. I found that clutch when I went shopping in my Mom’s closet, and turns out it was my grandma’s. Pretty, isn’t it?

Here’s how I took the look from dressy to casual.

Switched my pencil skirt for jeans and boots, and this time I had fun with color/patterns in my sunglasses. See?

OH, I also got my hair cut.

See before. And after.


Whatchu been up to? Tell me everything. Are you adding any fun to Monday morning?

home (almost)

I am so unprepared to go home for Thanksgiving. But my flight is rapidly approaching, even though I am not completely packed and my house is only cleanish.

But at least I have my essentials ready to go.

My most comfortable, best in the world Mizzou sweatpants.

And my make up bag. Both of which were given to me by two of my best friends in the world. (Look! It’s a picture of us RIGHT ON THE BAG, how cool is that)

Do I need anything else? Maybe a cool outfit to wear to the airport.

There, now I’m ready. What are you doing for the holiday?


I love Kate Spade always, but I am dying over their super cute winter accessories!

My favorite are the scarves and hats with sayings on them. Too cute, and fun to look at on a blustery weekend.

almost there

I went pretty basic this Friday, hoping this look will take me from work to play with a quick change into flats.

What are your plans for the weekend?!

navy again

Yesterday you saw my inspiration for the navy/black/bright combo. Here’s how I applied it with my own closet.

A lot of black, a little blue, and a bit of unexpectedness.

For the party? Just switch a pencil skirt for some sequins (and maybe some over-the-knee boots) and you are glammed and good to go.

See how it sparkles?

Questions? Concerns? Wondering how my hair got so big? Hit me up in the comments, at, @rclnudson, or on Facebook.