Well you guys know I’m not shopping these days. So I’ve got to make due with what I have. Which is how this sundress:

Turned into this outfit I wore to work:

Sometimes you gotta make due and wear a dress as a shirt, you know? 


Remember my fluorescent shoes? Here’s what I wore with them.

Like any good New Yorker, my closet is full of black. In this case, though, I think it makes a good background for something a little cheerier at the end of a dreary February. Throwing on a bright accessory could be just the thing to switch up your look. For example, some Oscar and Kate Spade:

Here’s #fatcat, taking a closer look. 



So I’m putting a pause on shopping. Officially. Except (full disclosure) I bought the above blazer last week, and it hasn’t arrived yet. So though my shopping has stopped today, I will be getting something new in the mail. From Asos.

I’m doing it because I have this awesome friend that’s going through a self-imposed shopping moratorium, and I asked if I could join. You know, support each other in not spending, and all that. And I thought it was a pretty great idea to decrease spending for a set amount of time. So, I will be officially not buying new clothes, or new toys, or new accessories until April 1. But, this doesn’t mean I don’t want to help you shop. If you saw my favorite shirts yesterday, and want to try a few of your own, here’s what I recommend for finding some chambray. 

  • Old Navy has a utility pocket chambray for $26.94 and a pullover on sale for $19
  • Madewell has a shrunken chambray boyshirt for $78
  • I got mine for a gift, but I believe it came from Land’s End, which has a long-sleeved shirt for $35

For stripes: well, everywhere lately. For example:

  • This striped tee from TopShop for $64
  • Or this super cute boatneck top from Loft for $30

Hope this helps! And if you find some great deals, let me know, so I can take them up come April. 

two favorites

I am shocked it took me this long to think of combining two of my favorite shirts. 

A duh, stripes over chambray. To take this look into spring time, how about adding a bright color or pattern?


Wanna check out other ways I’ve worn stripes and chambray? Try here, and here, and here.

cash money

I’ve talked a little bit about my New Year’s resolution to save money. I’ve also talked a little bit about things I want to buy. Like everything on my shopping list. And these things:

So my question for you guys is this: When you are balancing trying to save and the urge to spend, what do you do? 

I love shopping. I like looking at pretty things and I can window shop for hours. I also like that I earned money on my own to buy something I want without going into debt—I think that can be a pretty empowering act. I like trying new styles and being excited about what I’m wearing and putting a little pep in my step. 

But I also like vacations, and I like knowing I’ll be able to buy a new computer when this one breaks without forgoing my bills. And I want to save. I have big plans for my future that include retiring, adventures, and my kids going to college. 

So how do you balance the saving and the spending? When you get the urge to explore and buy something new, how do you decide what’s worth buying now guilt free or what’s worth forgoing to have the future you want? Even if that future is a trip with your friends just a few months away. And how do you quell the need to try (and buy) new things without spending so much? Do you make things? Head for a thrift store? 

Seriously, any ideas? Suggestions? Leave ‘em in the comments. Let’s talk.

potter for president(s day)

I’m really excited about these, you guys. I’ve got more up on Etsy, and I think they are pretty cute, if I do say so myself (I do.)

I love that these are cute accessories that show my love for books and punctuation. And the fact that I can carry my kindle in it is just too perfect. Don’t forget, there’s nothing more chic than a good book. 

Here I am showing off my tote!

Since it’s the third day in my three-day weekend, I went pretty casual. Jeans from a mall in Madrid, shoes from Kohls (I think), tee from Express, scarf from a street vendor, sweater from Hollister. I bought that sweater probably 8 or 9 years ago when I was trying to be cool in high school and shop at the stores where everyone shopped. Luckily I’ve gotten over that impulse, and, also luckily, it’s a good classic, cozy, warm sweater. I’m still surprised that almost 10 years later I can keep pulling it out. 

And if you want a tote of your own, visit my Etsy page!