Ok I’m gonna talk about Mad Men again. Bear with me! I’ve been rewatching all of the episodes while I’ve been sewing away like a mad woman (couldn’t help it) on a project I hope to share with you soon. But Peggy caught my eye in this particular look in season 2.

I really like the lines on this dress, and I thought it made her seem pretty and mature, which is great, since in this episode she makes a big career move. So I got this dress in my head and got into my closet and came up with this.

This is actually three pieces, not like her dress. I have this gray T shirt with lace on the front. I put that underneath a black tube top and wore a black skirt. It’s tricky, because it looks like it could be a dress, but it’s just what I already have in my closet. Then I topped it off, well, bottomed it off, with black tights and pumps. I especially love it with bright nails and a red lip. 

mad men, obvs

I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men lately, probably along with the rest of you since it finally came back this past weekend. I’ve also been catching up on Netflix on some old episodes, and, as usual, the incredible style on the show caught my eye. The beautiful outfits worn at the Sterling Cooper offices were bright, colorful, classic, and polished all at the same time. So, in honor of the style and story phenomenon, some work outfit ideas based on the show with some little modern twists. 

For this look, the purple dress steals the show. But instead of wearing your scarf on your neck, like Joan and Betty, why not tie it to your handbag?

And what if you wore your pearls on your wrist instead of your neck? And carried clutch instead of a traditional handbag?

The kinds of dresses that have classic lines and beautiful colors and patterns never go out of style. But playing with accessories can be an easy, fun way to update the look.


Here we go! Loosened things up, added a jacket for warmth in the theater and threw on some flats. Much more relaxed and comfortable. Also put my hair up because is there any better feeling than pulling your hair back at the end of the day? Ok I’m off to the Hunger Games! Have a great night!


Real time day to night part 1: here’s my office look. Green skirt, striped shirt, floral scarf. Check back later today to see how I take this look to the movies. Can you guess what I’m going to see?


It’s brutal to be inside working when the sun has finally come out after a long winter. The sun is shining, and you just now it’s gorgeous out and you want so badly to spend some time outside of your dark, dreary apartment and office that you spent so many months in. So how to bring that sunshine inside when you can’t be out in it? Maybe in your outfit.

My work environment is fairly formal, but if I went the casual route, I’d don some bright jeans and a neutral top.

And if I applied that color scheme to a more formal look, here’s how I might wear it.

And at the end of the long work week, I hope you do get that time outside. At a very happy happy hour.