mischief managed (aka embroidery no. 2)

mischief managed

Another one down! A week or so ago I started an embroidery project where I embroider quotes from my favorite books. This one is also Harry Potter related because I’m still figuring this out and HP has some really great one- and two-word quotable phrases. Lucky for me.

Mischief managed is one of my favorites. The Weasley twins inspire me to focus, go after what I want, and have fun while doing it. After all, they left school with a bang and started their own business! Risk-takers, those two. I also love this quote because it signifies completion of something awesome. I’m nowhere near done with this project, but finishing this quote brought me one step closer.

I used two stitches, the back stitch and the satin stitch. I’m mostly looking on the internet to find embroidery tips, and I found some tutorials on Sublime Stitching that I thought were really simple and helpful.

To start, I played around with some images on my computer.

mischief managed image

Then I traced that image onto my fabric with my trusty fabric pen. I am looking up a lot of different ways to transfer your image onto your fabric–do you guys have any favorites? I don’t have any supplies right now other than my fabric pen, needles, and thread, so I’ve been making do, but I’m preparing to branch out and improve from my MacGyver ways.

Once the image was on my fabric, I put it in my hoop and embroidered away! Here’s a picture of it halfway done.

almost there

I’m really happy with the way this turned out, and it was a lot of fun to make. I doubt I’ll be able to keep the pace of one quote a week as the quotes get longer and I have fewer snowstorms keeping me inside, but maybe that’s a good goal to set. I’m getting into this embroidery thing. What should I do next?!

33 thoughts on “mischief managed (aka embroidery no. 2)

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      • It looks fantastic! I think it makes it more personal if you do it by hand… and you can feel so much more accomplished when it’s completed!

        My grandmother showed me how to embroider years ago, but I haven’t done it in over 10 years.

  29. I really love this idea. I just set up some frames on my wall as a picture gallery but have two frames that don’t have any pictures in them yet- I’m thinking maybe do something like this for the smaller top frame that says “family” or the like. -Andrea


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