there are other worlds than these (embroidery no. 3)

gunslinger embroidery with kindle

“Go then. There are other worlds than these.” These words echo over and over throughout the Dark Tower series, and first appear in the first book The Gunslinger (Kindle version here). I read Stephen King’s series for the first time last year and fell in love. I love the characters, I love the crazy plot twists, and I love how much fun these books are to read. I’ve written a lot about them and have enjoyed all seven books up through the surprise ending.

close up book embroidery

This quote speaks to the different worlds Roland and his ka-mates travel through, but it also helps me remember there are other lives and other choices than the ones I’m making. It’s never too late to explore a different world or widen your horizons.

I used only the back stitch for this piece because, well, I like that stitch the best so far. I wanted to try some new fonts and use two colors. I love love love the red thread. It’s such a beautiful, rich color, and I felt like I was painting with it instead of sewing. I wonder now if it overpowers the yellow a bit too much. I’ll think on it a while–there’s no rules that say I can’t go back over it again in red.

favorite quote embroidery

This was the third quote in my embroidery quote project. The first two were always and mischief managed from Harry Potter. This was the longest quote I have done, but I think mischief managed actually took longer to sew. I can’t wait to keep going and add new quotes…as soon as I decide what to do next!

For all my thoughts on the Dark Tower series, see here:

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  23. I really do love this idea! (I know I’ve said this before … ) Every time I see a new post from you, I think “I need to do that” or “this quote would be great for that!” (currently, the quotes that keep running through my head are from Game of Thrones like “Winter is Coming”)


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