project life: chicago update

I’m home! I had the best vacation in Chicago. I am still not quite recovered. So instead of cleaning my house or making my lunch for tomorrow like a responsible adult, I updated my project life album from the weekend. You can see my first post on project life here.

project life pages

I love looking through this album. And we’re only three months into the year. I used some quote cards from Elise Cripe’s blog and included the key from our hotel room and a playing card in a pocket. I also included screen shots of some texts we sent each other. But mostly I used the pictures we took from the weekend. I’ve been trying to take more pictures and really try to document 2013!

page one project life

I am still obviously obsessed with project life, and I hope to keep going strong. With the fun things that are planned, it should be easy!

13 thoughts on “project life: chicago update

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