project life: april upate

project life rae's days

April was a crazy busy wonderful month. It started and ended with visitors, and there was a lot of fun all around.

rae's days project life album

I usually add one or two pages a month, depending on what’s going on and how many pictures/other stuff I have. This month I added an insert for extra pictures from one really amazing weekend.

project life insert

I still love project life. It’s been so great to document this year and I love looking at the pages and remembering all the fun I’ve had. There’s a very exciting few weeks coming up with some really fun vacations, and I can’t wait to a) go on them and b) document them so I can keep looking at the pictures in my project life album!

My other project life posts are here and here.

project life

11 thoughts on “project life: april upate

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