God bless you, but… (embroidery no. 12)

embroidery rae's days

When a dome falls over your entire town, cutting you off from the rest of the world, things can get a little stressful. One of my favorite parts of the book (and show!) was watching how people handled that stress–whether it was admirable or terrifying.

This embroidery is from Under the Dome and, well, has language that’s a little NSFW. Click through the jump if swear words won’t offend.

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summer brights

work ootd

Summer seems to have arrived in New York. We’ve had a few good beach days, and today is just gorgeous. Summer is my favorite season in the city–I am certain there is no more fun place than New York in the summertime. To bring some of that cheer inside, I brought out some bright colors. Shirt from Marshall’s, shoes from Zara, bag from H&M, watch from the men’s section in Target. Skirt was a gift.

under the dome: emergency kits

emergency pack rae's days

I have a friend who is always prepared. She has the band-aids, the directions, and the back-up plans. I’d like to have her in my corner if ever I see a disaster like a giant dome falling over my town. Which is something I think a lot about. Not just a dome–any kind of disaster. What would I do? How would millions of people get out of New York City when most don’t have cars? But seriously, if someone could tell me it would ease a lot of anxiety.

During Hurricane Sandy, and a few other storms we’ve had to button down our hatches for, I knew what I would need to grab to get out of the city if I needed to evacuate. Luckily, we had warnings for those storms, and I knew would eventually pass. In Stephen King’s worlds, it’s almost never that easy. As we saw in Under the Dome on Monday night, you have to be ready for every kind of disaster. Even–especially– for the one’s you’d never see coming.

So, basically, I should have made an emergency kit a long time ago. What would you need? Let’s start with the basics.

  • flashlight (with batteries)
  • bottled water
  • first aid kit
  • canned food/snacks
  • cat food
  • #fatcat’s carrier
  • swiss army knife
  • thermal blanket
  • maybe some different weather prep depending on your area
  • an extra phone charger probably couldn’t hurt (like this super cool solar charger!)

emergency kit

If you’re in Stephen King’s world, though, you might need some different things.

  • a Geiger counter, in case you run into radiation
  • a stake or cross, for any vampires in your small town
  • a current newspaper from your town, so in case you wander into any other worlds or time travel so you will know which world you came from and what day it was there
  • probably some penicillin, unless you are allergic to it like I am
  • a tranquilizer dart or two for any large, crazy animals. or people.
  • mayyybe think about keeping some extra propane tanks on hand
  • if you have guns handed down to you from your father and your father’s father and his father’s father, you should probably bring those, too

Anything else? What am I missing?

Also, I just read this thing on the Internet (because of course I did) about how if you are in a house and electricity went out and you don’t have water, you should check the freezer for ice cubes. Those will be safe to drink. Any other tips, figurative boy scouts of the world?

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tv: under the dome (ep. 1)

Our world is getting smaller all the time. We’re more connected than ever–I was just in a meeting with colleagues from Paris, London, and Tokyo. They called in and participated in a meeting in New York. I took a vacation with my family, and we came from all over the country to meet in one place–in Florida, where none of us live.

That’s what makes Under the Dome so scary. When a dome falls over the town of Chester’s Mill, the world shrinks to the size of the town, and those who are inside lose their connections to the outside. Angie likens it to a fishbowl, but at least fish can be fed from the outside.

They can see through the dome, which almost makes it worse (but allows us to see some killer explosions). [SPOILERS] When Duke falls because of an exploded pacemaker, the U.S. military is bustling around just outside the dome’s boundary. They have the equipment to help, and the communication to get to a doctor, but they don’t even notice Duke go down. Linda is left alone with the dead sheriff, looking at all those resources just beyond her reach. (And it’s not like they could have helped him anyway.)

Duke dying was a twist, even though he dies in the book in the same fashion. The show has departed from the book in some cool ways, and because Duke was around for so long in the premiere, I thought they might have spared him. Or at least waited a few episodes. But his death, the only one so far of a character we’ve come to know a little bit, changes the game and raises the stakes. Now who will run the police force that Big Jim is so ready to increase? And what was Duke trying to tell Linda about the town?

A lot of Chester’s Mill is familiar to me, but these characters’ backgrounds and families are different from the book. This world looks just as interesting as the one I’ve read about though, and I can’t wait to see where these new mysteries take us. (Like why was Barbie burying Julia’s husband?!)

They’ve certainly taken us to some creepy places so far. The show, like many of King’s novels, did a good job of letting dread creep in, with images like a neatly halved cow and a messy arm that’s missing a hand. The seizures and repeated phrases (a technique King uses often) added a sense of doom as well. Junior, Big Jim’s clearly troubled son, went from creepy to campy and back again. But when he was creepy, he was really creepy.

I can’t wait to see more of Chester’s Mill, and to spend time with these off-kilter characters. The variations from the book will keep me on my toes, and so far the adaptations are smart and interesting. Hopefully you’ll keep watching with me–after all, we’re all in this together.

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Under the Dome airs on CBS on Mondays at 10 p.m. Eastern. you can download the first episode from Amazon on June 28, I’ll update with the link when it posts. EDIT: The first episode is available!

family book club: icy sparks

icy sparks

Normally I’m begging for authors not to explicitly spell things out for their readers. We’re smart, and we can tell who is sad without having to read “John is sad.”

But in Icy Sparks by Gwyn Hyman Rubio (Kindle version here), I needed some things to be spelled out. It was an easy read, but one that left us with more questions than satisfactory answers when we held our quarterly book club meeting. (This time, we did it in person while we were all on vacation. Photo from my mom.)

family book club meeting

Icy Sparks is about a young girl in the South during the 50s who deals with tics and urges she can’t explain or control. She becomes an outcast and spends some time at a mental institution for observation. It’s a coming of age novel (kind of like Middlesex), and Icy goes through a lot without fully understanding why.

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new outfit: blush

pink shirt

Back from vacation means back to work. At least I have new clothes. Shirt is from Marshalls, shoes from Target, purse from H&M, skirt from Zara.

I’m really into the light pink color. I like to call it blush, so I will. I’m also really into this light, floaty sheer fabric. It seems good for summer. I felt feminine and cute, but still professional. Which is a win-win, I think.

I started a new role at work this week. It’s been busy, and I’m not totally comfortable yet, but it’s good. When I’m unsure of myself, I feel a lot better when I am sure of my outfit. Clothes can be like armor, you know?




I turn 26 today. That is my actual birthday cheesecake that my family got to celebrate with me while we were on vacation. This year has been wonderful. I feel like I’ve grown a lot this year and I’m so happy with where it’s taken me. I am comfortable and happy with who I am. And I stay that way as long as I don’t start comparing my life to everyone else’s on Facebook. (As a result, I hardly ever look at my newsfeed, so please tell me things in real life if you want me to know them.)

But that’s not the point. Staying in the moment and enjoying the process of getting where you’re going has been the point for me this year. Some things I’ve learned:

  1. The Wire, Buffy, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Sopranos later, I realized I have spent hundreds of hours watching television shows. And I love it. Battlestar Galactica and Deadwood are next.
  2. Make lists. Make ten thousand. Don’t be afraid to write things down you’ve already done so you can cross them off.
  3. This year has been the happiest year of my life (well, at least in the top 3).
  4. Surround yourself with beautiful things and beautiful people. Remember that the things don’t matter, but the people do.
  5. Get rid of clutter. In your knickknacks, in relationships, in the words you use in emails.
  6. Go to book club. You’ll like it.
  7. If it almost fits, do yourself a favor and don’t buy it. (I’m pretty sure I listed this before. It takes time to sink in.)
  8. I have experienced a lot of niceness on the Internet, even though I know there’s a lot of meanness out there. And I’m grateful for that.
  9. #fatcat is better than your cat. Sorry I’m not sorry.
  10. Drink more water.
  11. Did you guys know on an iPhone you can text gifs? I find this hilarious.
  12. I really don’t care how anyone pronounces “gif.”
  13. Accept that you will never be a morning person.
  14. Invest in a good dry shampoo (right now I’m using Oscar Blandi).
  15. I used to be too cool for high SPF. I have thankfully changed my ways.
  16. Being a maid of honor is super fun. But maybe just because the bride is one of my favorite people on the planet.
  17. Project life has been a really fun way to document the greatness of 2013 so far. I’d like to keep it up.
  18. I have a thing for avocados.
  19. I’ve been trying to keep a good attitude. Sometimes I am still a brat. I need to keep working on this one.
  20. I am so, so thankful for my family. They are fun, supportive, lovely people and we are growing by one this year!
  21. Ask for what you want. I have been consistently surprised at how often this works out.
  22. My friends are the best. Like, the best. I know this because I was nervous about planning a bachelorette weekend and each one of them told me I was a good planner in a subtle but coordinated kindness attack. I appreciate that and I appreciate you guys.
  23. I will never get the number of things I’ve learned to match up with how many years I am turning. See last year’s list here.