project life: wedding

wedding project life rae's days

Since I can’t stop talking about the wedding even a week later, I was stoked to work on some project life pages over the weekend.

project life pages rae's days

I used mostly pictures from the actual day of the wedding. It was easy to create a color scheme that way since there was a lot of white and black.

project life

My favorite part of these pages is my instagram picture grid! The bride and groom had an instagram tag for their wedding, and it was a blast to check everyone’s pictures. So I printed some out and put them into a 20-coin protector page. I love it. I have a few little hearts I might put in the blank squares, but I also like it as it is.

instagram grid

instagram grid project life

I also caught up on August and September project life pages, which I’ll share later. You can see my other project life updates here:

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