to do lists of the semi-adult: episode 5

to do lists of the semi-adult

In episode five of the To Do Lists of the Semi-Adult, Jewels and I talk about making friends as an adult. I think it’s harder than romantic dating, and that is already really hard. Jewels brought up this cool New York Times article on the science of friendship. (But if it were as simple as that, we’d all do it, right?)

We both think taking classes in something you want to learn is a good way to meet people with shared interests. It’s hard to make the move from acquaintance to friend, but I think it’s easier to get people to join you if you have solid plans to invite them to.

We also talked about my trip to Michigan, and A.J.’s Birthday Week, which included a Johnny Cash show at the Pittsburgh CLO Cabaret Theater.

We are having busy but fun summers, and Jewels is going to the zoo. What’s your favorite zoo animal? Mine are the bears, and Jewels’ is the lions. And the sea dragons. (Also, sometimes puppies play with cheetahs!) When I told Jewels about the dress I made, I also taught her about bias tape makers. You should check them out and tell them if you can get them to work properly–I think mine was the wrong size.

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a selfmade dress and what i wore

rae's days handmade dress

I have been thinking a long time about sewing a dress or outfit but it took me a long time to pull the trigger. It sounded intimidating–I have sewn a little bit but not really any clothes. Patterns and fabric seemed expensive and difficult to try out if I wasn’t sure it would turn out.

But then I saw Corinne’s tunic on the Purl Bee. It looked just simple enough that maybe I could do it. And it looked so cute on their Facebook page. (And it only needs 2 yards of fabric!)

rae's days sewing a dress

So I picked up a few yards of a light gray cotton from JoAnn’s and got to sewing! I don’t have instructions because the Purl Bee already has all that covered. It took a few hours, and ripping out a few seams, but I think it was a great, simple dress for a beginning project.

And the best part is, now I’m ready to sew a lot more!

rae's days self made dress

errands and what i wore

rae's days casual outfit

Sometimes you just need to get things done. I am getting ready for another trip and I prioritized function over from with my Mizzou gym shorts and trusty dinosaur sweatshirt from Topshop (thanks polar vortex in July).

I’m so excited to be heading back to Michigan, but right now there’s a pretty big to-do list between me and the pool. Once I get there, though, I’m hoping to keep reading the Preacher and keep practicing drawing (you can follow along on instagram). Alright, gotta get back to it–

rae's days casual outfit

to do lists of the semi-adult: episode 4

to do lists of the semi-adult

We took a break for the Fourth of July, but we are back with episode four of the To Do Lists of the Semi-Adult podcast. In this episode, Jewels and I talk about moments that made us feel like an adult. Jewels talks about canceling a trip so she could be with her husband, and I talk about planning a vacation. We think one of the biggest things that makes us feel like an adult is knowing what we need and how to articulate it. (Captain Awkward has great tips for this.) Plus we talk about smaller moments like a mess-free manicures and eating ice cream for dinner (like a total adult). We’d love to hear about your own milestones–what made you feel like an adult!–in the comments or on Twitter!

In our lightning round, we talked about how I just finished Mr. Mercedes (you can see my thoughts here and here), and I’m currently reading the graphic novel series (comic book series?) The Preacher. Jewels is reading food-related noel Ruth Reichl’s Tender at the Bone.

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what to read next

It’s a little over halfway through the year, and I’ve read 15 books so far (you can see my stats on Goodreads). It’s been a good year for books. I just finished Mr. Mercedes, and this year I also finished the Sandman and read NOS4A2 and Boy, Snow, Bird–and many other wonderful reads.

And now I’m facing the inevitable question: What do I read next? the bat

The Bat by Jo Nesbo (Kindle here) is our new family book club read. It’s a crime novel I’ve heard very good things about for far too long without reading it myself. If you want to read along with us, we are having our discussion in September, so we are all trying to finish reading by the end of August.

I also have about 1,000 comics I want to catch up on. I’m still reading Saga, and the most recent issue was a game changer (but don’t they all seem that way?). I reallllllly want to read The Preacher, and the first volume has been burning a hole in my bookshelf for a while. Plus, I got the very cool complete Frank Miller’s Batman for my birthday.


*And* I want to keep reading Mary Robinette Kowal’s Glamourist histories. The next one on my list is Without a Summer (which is actually the third in the series).

So basically I’m drowning in a sea of riches. I better choose quick.

mr. mercedes: olivia trelawney’s condo

Poor Olivia. In Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes, her car became a horrific weapon in a terrible mass murder, and instead of comfort or pity, she got blame and dislike.

Her money and her fancy condo couldn’t help her in the end–no one could. From the first interview with the police in her parlor she was doomed to rub people the wrong way and seem cold and uncaring after the Mercedes Killer took her car and ran into a crowd, killing men, women, and children in line at a job fair one misty morning.

After Olivia killed herself, her fancy condo by the lake was left to her sister, Janelle. Janey and Olivia likely had very different styles. But since Janey served Detective Hodges coffee in china on a silver tray, I imagine she left the condo much the same at first and was going to add her own touch as time went on. Here’s what I imagine it might look like.

olivias condo from mr. mercedes

I am sure the condo was coordinated. A mix of modern and traditional–Olivia had good, and expensive, taste. And she was always put together. You wouldn’t find this condo messy and wouldn’t find fake gold where it could be real.

I wish Olivia had better days in her condo before she died, and I’m glad Janey brought some smile and cheer into it. I’m sure it was a beautiful place, even with a dark past.

You can see some of my other thoughts on Mr. Mercedes here. (I really liked it!)

new outfit: getting ready for the fourth


Happy almost Fourth of July! After some crazy storms this week it’s been a little cooler here in Chicago so I’m wearing jeans from the Gap, sandals from Target, a bag from H&M, and a top from Liz Claiborne.

There was obviously no podcast this week–we are taking a break for the Fourth. But we’ll be back at it for the next one. I am having friends come into town this weekend, and #fatcat and I couldn’t be more excited. At least, I think he’s excited.

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!