weddington way october style challenge

Bright bridesmaid

I love talking about weddings. I am definitely the friend to turn to if you want to talk flower arrangements or bridesmaid dresses, or seating charts, or veils, or just about anything else. Maybe because the weddings I have been involved in have all been chill and wonderful, and maybe because I have never been married, but wedding planning has yet to send a shiver down my spine. I am stoked, always, to talk about your wedding. Especially if it’s discussing what someone is wearing.

So when Weddington Way invited me to participate in their October Style Challenge, I was all in. Designing my own bridesmaid look? Sounds like a blast. You can see their current bridesmaid collection here.

weddington way bridesmaid dress

I started with the Alfred Sung D462 bridesmaid dress in French Gray. I love gray, and I wear it all the time. I love how versatile it is–you can basically dress it up any way you want. And I usually want to set it off with something bright.

In my (fake) wedding, the bride likes classic–with a twist. Her colors are gray and yellow. Her bridesmaids are wearing gray with beautiful bright jewelry and accessories. But their make up and nails are a simple pale pink.

raes day sweddington way bridesmaid illustration

to do lists of the semi-adult: episode 10

to do lists of the semi-adult

What do you want? It sounds like a simple question–but boy is it complicated. In this episode of To Do Lists of the Semi-Adult, Jewels and I begin to tackle knowing what you want. We talk about different ways we figure out what we want out of our lives and careers, and what we do when people don’t believe us. We don’t have too many real solutions, but we think a lot of knowing what you want comes from eliminating what you don’t want, trying new things, and ignoring the haters.

If you have any tips and tricks on figuring out what you want, we’d love to hear it. And if need some cheerleaders for support on something you want that people just don’t quite get, Jewels and I are here for you.

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the magician’s land and a good meal

the magicians land

The Magician’s Land (Kindle here) is the final book in Lev Grossman’s trilogy that follows Quentin Coldwater and his friends as they first learn magic, and then learn that magic alone isn’t enough.

This fantasy series has magical spells, beasts, and worlds, but what Quentin’s friends must really face is reality. It can be dark, but the Magician’s Land is also a great adventure and can be fun, funny, and touching.

One of my favorite parts was not falling into other worlds or chasing mysterious super-magicians on a magic carpet–though that was all fantastic fun–it was when a character needed to be reminded of their humanity.

And all it took was some bacon. Well, bacon was a start. This character was given freshly cooked bacon, some excellent chocolate, champagne, and more, to help remind them that being human can be delicious, and good, and the food that feeds your body can also feed your soul.

Which got me thinking: What would be on my plate if I needed a serving of love and compassion?

I’d need a hot cup of good coffee to start. It feels good to hold in your hands. It’s a ritual to pour and stir and hold and drink. And it reminds me of my mom, which is a pretty good place to start if you need to feel human and loved.

I’d also like just-baked cookies. Another treat to smell and to eat, the kind that are warm and gooey from the oven. I have only good memories of baking cookies, and I hope that never changes.

And crisp, cold beer. It almost doesn’t matter what kind, but if I could pick, it would Allagash White, or some other wheat beer, with a slice of citrus.

If I still needed reminding that being a human can be a wonderful thing, find me a hot shower, an ocean, and a baby to hold. I’d be pretty convinced after that.

So tell me, please, what would be in your remembering-humanity-is-great meal?

new outfit: sweater weather

fall sweater

October is my favorite month. I love the crispness of fall weather, the changing leaves, and finally getting to wear scarves again. And, of course, the return of sweater weather.

This sweater is one of my favorites, and I’ve paired it here with black and gold  accessories. Shoes and bag are from Target, button down is from the Loft, and the sweater is from JCPenney.

I am planning to drink lots of hot coffee and watch a lot of baseball this month, what’s your favorite part of October?

to do lists of the semi-adult: episode 9

to do lists of the semi-adult

We’re back! Jewels and I delayed the podcast a week because we both visited family, but we are back to talk about a subject near to our hearts: young adult entertainment.  We struggle balancing trying to be a grown up adult with loving teenage dramas on ABC family, but I believe there are no such thing as guilty pleasures, only pleasure-pleasures.

Jewels and I have watched every episode of the Secret Life of the American Teenager (and you can too on Netflix!). We also love Pretty Little Liars, Frozen (duh), Prince of Egypt, and the Hunger Games, but our favorite of all time is Harry Potter (duh).

Mark Reads is a wonderful way to enjoy Harry Potter all over again, and to learn about other great books and movies, too. Mark also read Twilight, and so did Jewels and I. (We don’t think it’s bad! I watch the movies a lot!)

Jewels and I are in deep when it comes to teenager-y pop culture, and we think it can include exciting and captivating storytelling. What’s your fave young adult not-guilty pleasure? You’ll get no judgment from us.

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